Niel first started working as a personal trainer for us in 1997. The fact that we have been his clients for 15 years now speaks volumes about his all-round ability. In this time he has guided me through a variety of personal challenges such as running The London Marathon, cycling L’Etape du Tour, completing the Three Peaks Challenge and so on. 

Niel’s knowledge across a broad range of health and fitness topics is excellent and he is unusually versatile in the range of activities he can cover with clients. But what differentiates Niel from others is his infectious enthusiasm, positive attitude and ability to relate happily to anyone he meets, irrespective of their age or background, he is a bit of a one-off.

Graham and Laura Hazell




As an actor, I am always aware that it is me, and me alone, that is my business. Fitness is essential, as is  health, and most of the time these two qualities go together.

Last year I equipped a room in my house with some keep fit equipment, but after I while I realised I needed more motivation to keep going. I was playing Salieri at The Old Vic Theatre, when Niel Chambers was mentioned to me by someone “in the know”. I had always been slightly sceptical about having a trainer, but decided to give it a go. It is one of the best choices I have ever made. Having sorted out my goals, Niel supervised special programmes for my needs and provided all the motivation required. He is knowledgeable, highly qualified and totally dedicated. I can truthfully say that I have never looked better, felt fitter or been more healthy. I cannot recommend Niel Chambers highly enough.

David Suchet

 I have worked with Niel for 20 years, he is constantly upbeat, teaches great technique and he always keeps sessions interesting and varied. He has helped me maintain and improve my fitness and stamina to such as extent that I feel up to the challenge of walking to the North Pole next year.

David Carr

I met Niel at the start of the 2002 London Marathon and it was the first and last time I have ever beaten him running. His excuse was that he was pacing another client! He has definitely taken my running and fitness level to a level that I would not have understood how, or been motivated to achieve by myself. Niel knows how to tailor every session so that you push yourself to the limit, yet somehow you also walk away having really enjoyed them. As a result my marathon personal best has dropped by nearly half and hour to 3 hours 25 minutes.  

During both my pregnancies I was able to maintain an excellent level of fitness as Niel took great time and effort to design a programme that was safe for me and my unborn child. The amount of detail he went to was indicative of his conscientiousness. I am now back to full training and thanks to him have just done two sub 1 hour and 50 half marathons just under 8 months after having my second baby.

Fiona Betts





Whilst undergoing physiotherapy on my knee following keyhole surgery, I realised how unfit I was so asked the physio; did she know of a fitness trainer? She duly put me in touch with Niel Chambers and I started with him in 2006. Niel set about the arduous task of bringing an unfit, slightly overweight, middle-aged man more in to line. I trained with Niel once a week and had training schedules left to complete before his next visit. The main aim was to get me fit enough for a family skiing holiday.

Niel’s very quiet way of motivating me had worked wonders, and I soon got the bug to go into the gym more often. With Niel’s professional know-how guiding me, I purchased more equipment to work with, this in turn brought about an even better feeling about my personal fitness level, to the point that whilst giving support to a friend in the 2006 World Mountain Bike Games in Austria, I found myself agreeing to enter the 2007 race. My target in the 2007 race was to complete the half marathon, I never thought that I could achieve more than that at the age of 46 and also only 10 months earlier being considerably out of shape. To cut a long story short, I managed not only to complete the half marathon, but finished in the time barrier to be able to carry on and complete the full marathon. Completing the marathon was a fantastic feeling and a milestone in my life. This has all come about with Niel’s help, support and training.

James Matthews

Niel has been my personal trainer since 1999. During that time he has built up my overall strength and stamina to a level that belies my 56 years. Without him I would not have achieved this level of fitness on my own, and during this time he has become a good friend, but still remains fully professional towards your training and always has an objective for you to reach. The sessions are an hour long, but you know he will fill that time to its maximum and always has your welfare in mind. I could not recommend Niel more highly as a personal trainer.

Steve Kilminster

I have been working with Niel for the last two years. At the outset he was extremely thorough to ensure he had a detailed understanding of me physically, and then worked with me to discuss my needs balanced with his recommendations, based on fitness and health evaluations. Niel has helped me enormously to improve my fitness and overall health through his deep understanding of the body, technique and undoubted skills. As a professional trainer, he combines fun with hard work.

Peter Miller Smith